This a demo rom of the game Pineapple Kid - The Puzzle Adventure for the original Gameboy (DMG). This version is an early build of the game. This demo contains 19 playable puzzling levels. The full version will be released very soon which will contain more than 70 levels. 

Can you get a good hi-score? Good luck!

Update: Limited physical edition can be pre-ordered here:

Thanks for the support.

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Tags2D, dmg, game-boy, Game Boy, Game Boy ROM, Homebrew, Retro


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Hi, is it possible to buy the soundtrack for the game separately?


The OST is free. I have made a link to download it:

Thank you for playing the game!

Thank you for making Pineapple Kid, it's so fun! :) Is it possible to buy a physical cartridge in the US?



Thanks for playing! Sadly its sold out on bitmapsoft. But if I find a way to get it in the US, I will make it possible.

I like it! Real retro and GB feeling.

Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing.

I bought a copy from Bitmap. Great game!

Thanks man! I hope you got your copy and enjoyed it.

I did! It's one of my go-to games.

Great fun, nice puzzler. I will replay this. I look forward to the full version!

Thanks for playing. The full version is available at Bitmapsoft.

Yes, I saw that, I understand it smells of pineapple! Congratulations.

Thank you!

Really fun to play!  :)

Thanks. Glad you liked it.

No download rom?

I'll add the demo rom to download.

Thanks @bbbbbr for helping me out getting this game on